Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spring Clean

I have to confess, in the past couple months my house has been such a disaster area. I have had lots of excuses for things being messy, unorganized, and cluttered...but really no good excuses. So, after reading an excellent chapter entitled 'The Honor of Working at Home' from the book, "Feminine Appeal" (which by the way I highly recommend, especially for a group), I was convicted to take charge of my house once again.

I spent Spring Break spring cleaning. I focused on one room each day, deep cleaning and organizing. I also went through the drawers in the girls rooms, sorting out what didn't fit and searching the "next stage" clothing bin for what we needed in this season. I didn't do things perfectly, but I got things to working order and it felt great. Today was the last room - Elsie's.

I wanted to make her room a bit of a big girl room, adding some fun toys for her to play with. I decided to take all the house type things from Jenna's room and pass them on to little sister. Jenna was excited to pass her toys on (which I was pleasantly surprised about) and also helped me set up a new toy cupboard for Els. As you can see from the second picture, she was really proud of her accomplishment. Jenna also took some time this afternoon to teach Elsie how to clean up her mess (I hope she was listening to her own lesson!). It was cute. So, here is Elsie's toddler room (no more babies in this house...for now).
Jenna chose what to put in the cupboard. She was careful in choosing books and toys that Elsie loved, and was excited when Elsie opened the door with a big smile.
So, every room was deep cleaned. HOWEVER, as Elsie's room was getting cleaned up, the rest of the house was mysteriously getting messier and messier! Here's what a couple of the other rooms looked like when all was said and done...

You see as we cleaned, we found new toys. And as I was filling a bin with toys to hide for a season (only to bring out when we need a change of pace) it somehow kept turning up empty. My little mess maker and her big sister were reeking havoc. But at least I know the rooms are clean deep down. And these messes are easy to pick up now that things aren't such a disaster under the surface. Anyways, on goes my journey as a worker of the home.


Karina said...

great job! I need to do some spring cleaning myself--you are so right that its easier to deal with the clutter when you know it's "clean underneath!"

one of nettie's girls said...

I love how Jenna was willing to give her toys to Elsie. You are raising such a sweet little lady.