Monday, April 13, 2009


I was wondering if anyone out there has some good websites for kids to go to - learning, practicing on the computer, having fun, etc. We go to but that's about it. If you know a good one, leave me a comment! Thanks :)


Bronwyn said...

I think is a good one....also, we've done little people stuff- on

Good stuff! Have fun!
Emi also likes

Miss you guys!

Ginger@chirgies said...

We (I) LOVE There are different areas - the alphabet section is GREAT, and the kids laugh out loud at different parts. Nessy goes to the older section where she can read stories, etc.

We've also gone to American (Anessa likes to play the games) and her class went to for Dr. Seuss and the 100th day of school but it wasn't very educational, more just fun stuff. Is just a site where you can listen to different books online. Might be a bit old for Jenna...???

Have fun! Starfall is by far my fav.

Jenne said...

Starfall! is good too.

Megan said...

This was so helpful, thanks!

Irene said...

Julia loves going to

Faith said...

Megan, I believe the internet will warp our children's minds and they should only read books and not be exposed to the garbage on line. HA! Did I trick you? Just kidding. Peyton does pbskids as well and loves it...there are so many different areas to go to but these other websites sound awesome..we'll have to check them out!! This post helps me too, thanks:)