Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favorite

I think that gardening is by far my favorite part of house-making. Not that it is a requirement of being a stay-at-home mom, but out of the house-making that I do, gardening is my favorite. Here's what's growing in my kitchen nook...

Tomatoes (Roma and Sweet 100)

Jalepenos, green peppers, onions, lettuce

cucumbers and zucchinis. Oh and Jenna is growing some Easter grass :)


Faith said...

we just started ours. i am really nervous so forgive me if i ask you for a lot of advice. how often do you have to water them?? i kill all living things, besides humans of course, so i'm scared

Anonymous said...

ha ha, that is funny faith! glad you can keep the kids alive by watering them enough;)

megan, this is one of my fav things about being a housewife too! i love that this is something the kids and i can do together and i can teach them. those, to me, are the best hobbies we can have as mom's. the girls and i had so much fun planting our starts this week. hope to see ya soon my friend!!

Megan said...

Faith, I have found with seeds to let the soil get pretty dry before watering them. You don't want them to be constantly wet. You can ask me questions any time, no guarantees that I will know the answer though!

Brandy, I hope to see you soon too! I'm sad that it doesn't work for me to go to mom to mom this year because that used to be the place I knew I would see you!

Mae said...

Great job Megan. Maybe they all will be producing when I come to watch our girls. yum, yum.