Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gardening (and a shout out to Drake's 7 Dees!)

This is suppose to be an incredible weekend, the perfect weekend to work in the yard! I LOVE it. We are going to do a lot yard work this weekend, all starting with a trip to my very favorite garden center in the whole world... Drake's 7 Dees on 165th & Stark (I can be biased and advertise, it's my blog!)!! I love it there, it's fun for the kids, it's beautiful, everyone is very helpful, and my kids get to see grandma and grandpa. Plus the product is top notch.

So, before I go I wanted to know from some fellow gardeners - what veggies grow well in your yard? It's always nice to know what other people are having success with. I'll share too...

Here's what has done the best in my yard:
Zucchini squash, Carrots, Roma tomatoes, Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes, all kinds of peas, green peppers, jalapenos (though they are mild), basil, and parsley, strawberries.

Here's where my garden lacks (things that I try to grow but always fail somewhere along the way:
A big slicing tomato, chives, cilantro.

So, two questions:
1. What grows best in your garden here in Oregon?
2. Do you have success with the areas that my garden lacks? If so, how?!

Also, I wanted to give a good link that helps me a lot with my yard work, click here. It gives monthly suggestions as to what you can be doing to care for your yard. Everything from when to fertilize your roses to when to plant hearty veggies, etc.

Okay, enough advertising. But I do hope you think twice before you head to Walmart for your garden needs. Actually, think twice before you go to Walmart for's just not a very pleasant experience. Not that I don't go, but I try to avoid it as much as possible!


Alison said...

We grew some Hot House tomotatoes last year that were great for slicing. We LOVED them. Also, I've had good success with Chives without really doing much. We didn't start either from seeds, but just bought the plants from...wait for it...Walmart. Remember though, I've promised to not do that anymore. I've got my money ready to spend at Drake's 7 Dees tomorrow!!

Megan said...

Hot house it is, thanks Alison! One of the first plants I tried to grow was chives, so maybe I should just try it again. I don't stink in the garden as much as I did the first year :)

Jenne said...

Rosemary grows really easily in my garden... and weeds. And berries. But you already knew all that.

CarrieM said...

Hi megan, I had to comment! We love to garden, my son got us started 2 years ago, and he is the chief worker now. His garden is a 'tasting' garden; we plant edible flowers, violas and nasturstiums, small tomatoes, lettuces and spinach, basil, lots of strawberries.
We don't seem to succeed at corn, I think our boxes just don't quite get enough sun.

We don't get to buy from your dad, but we do most of our buying from independent nurseries and the farmers market. It's great to talk to people who know stuff! I just try to avoid Walmart in general.

Heidi said...

My chives come back every year and they are insane! I'm always cutting them back! If you want some please come get them, they have already started growing!! They were here before we moved in though, so I don't know what they are...just come and get some! We did lettuce last year and it was really good, and it just kept growing with no help from me.