Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here are some pictures from Jenna's 4th birthday party. During the party the girls drank tea, played musical crowns, bean bag toss, hot potato, danced, had treats, and watched a show. These girls were so crazy and excited!

We let them pour their own tea at their tables and taught them to say, "may I please have some more tea" and "this tea is lovely". It was really cute.
We also taught them the proper way to drink tea, with the pinky pointing out. They all had fun trying it out and Julia and Peyton really got the hang of it!

Here they are dancing (see next post for a video of the dancing ladies)

Here are four of the girls at the beginning of the party - Ashlynn, Jenna, Julia, Peyton. Hope wasn't there yet and we never got the girls to sit still together again! I'm bummed that I didn't get a picture of all the girls together.
Here's Jenna and Julia doing their craft. They got to decorate crowns.
And here's a few more of the girls eating their snack and drinking their tea. Cute little girlies.

Elsie was at the party too. She was a good girl :) Here's a picture of her, DESPERATE for more tea! PLEEEEEESE!


Ellie said...

I love all the pictures of the girls holding their cups with their pinkies out. Too cute! It reminds me of when my family went to Disneyland..Mary Poppins taught us how to drink tea properly, pinkies out and everything. Looks like these young ladies already know, though! :)

Jenne said...

Oh, the pic of Elsie made me giggle!! And the one of Jenna with the other girls all against the couch... she looks like she feels like a million bucks!

Good job sis. you threw a great girlie bash! (What?! No stinky, slimy boys invited? Oh the huMANity!!)

Faith said...

Such great pictures! Peyton had a blast. It's so funny because she has stuck her little pinky out for so long, without any prompting. I guess she can be lady like:) Thanks again...