Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I heart craft time

I just love it. Jenna is taking leaps and bounds forward in the art department, and it is amazing to watch her learn and expand her skills. She is coloring in the lines, focusing on completing a project, and writing her letters. I am really proud of her and amazed to watch her grow up right before my eyes.
And Elsie, though she prefers to color on the table instead of on paper, is starting to really enjoy craft time too. Craft time for her is taking the crayons out of this box, and then putting them back in. She also occasionally dumps them on the floor and follows this maneuver with a chorus of "uh-ohs" but she is having fun and learning too.


Jenne said...

Coloring in the lines, huh? I am WAY impressed.

one of nettie's girls said...

Make Elsie stop growing up! She is doing it right before my eyes on this blog.

Mae said...

I am so proud of Jenna. Her coloring is so advanced for her age. I love her soldier and her Abraham, Sarah and Isaac. It is done so well.
Elsie is such fun to watch. It looks like her lips are formed in the ohhhhhhh.. so so cute.