Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fun full house

Mondays and Tuesdays are fun ones for us. We have the privilege of watching the Fredrick boys and it has been great so far. They are the cutest boys ever, and my girls are in love. Here are a few pictures. The first ones shows the developing friendship between Elsie (15 mos) and Caleb (10 mos). They play together, stare at each other, and follow each other around. Elsie saw Caleb sitting up against the oven and she worked very hard to back up and sit down right next to him. It was cute. Sorry it's fuzzy.

Here are the kids all playing a game together. They took turns climbing up on the chair, rocking, then jumping (or sliding) down. They laughed so hard, it was fun. They were all in the action, even Caleb as he stood holding the rocking chair.

Jenna and Josh are cute little friends too. They play together really well and have a lot of fun. I am sure that there will be lots of fun stories to come!


Mae said...

I'm so glad it is working for the best of all of you. The kids look like they are really enjoying their new friends. so cute. I wish I could hear their laughter.
I'll miss them the next few weeks but I will think of them every single day and show off their photos to everyone...lol

Tonya said...

Cute! Glad to see they are all such little buddies! Your girls have had lots of practice with their cousins I am sure....