Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some days

Some days you just change a lot of sheets. And do a lot of laundry. And gag a little along the way.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So sad

Two sad stories...

1. At the children's museum Jenna came up to me and whispered in my ear, "that girl said to me 'that's mine you weird girl'". Oh she had such a sad look on her face. I wanted to say, "what girl was it? I'll take care of this!" But it's slowly time for Jenna to handle these situations on her own. I gave her some ideas and a hug and sent her off. Sigh.

2. At the park there was a little boy who disobeyed. His mom said, and I quote, "get over here right now or I'll KICK you." And I think she would have. The whole park was staring at her. I was ready to call the authorities if anything happened. Maybe I should have anyways. She seemed so mean.

Anyways, the world is a sad, hard place that needs the love and forgiveness of God. I am glad that there is more to life than this world, and that in heaven our tears will be wiped away. But for now, we are here and figuring out how to best be in the world but not of the world.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum on Friday and had such a fun time. Each time we go, the kids enjoy a new aspect of the activities. It was fun to watch them both explore.

First, Jenna then Elsie...

Showing Elise the ropes on the little slide
Interacting with other kids at the grocery store
Loving the water area, enjoying the mechanics of pushing and pulling different levers
Elsie loving the slide
Able to see into the water bins, so fun!

I don't think that boy behind Elsie is enjoying himself :)

Soaking wet

Monday, February 16, 2009

Uh oh.

Well, the time is upon us. Elsie will no longer be spoon fed.
And so this is just about how each meal goes...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

The girls got two packages in the mail for Valentine's day, one from Eric's parents and one from his sister. The packages were so similar...Mimi and Keri think alike! Anyways, here are the girls wearing matching shirts (these are from Keri). So cute!

And just for fun here are some "wrestle time" pictures. The girls just love to wrestle with Daddy. With my girls wrestle time is more like, um, jump and sit on Daddy, play with Daddy's face, cuddle/snuggle, well, you will see from the pictures.

Precious moments for me. I love nights where while I am cooking in the kitchen, I get to listen to the rest of my family giggling in the family room. Makes me do that happy *sigh*, ya know :)

Swag Update

So, here's the update. Swagbucks is still awesome. I have decided to save my points up for Amazon gift cards. As of right now I can trade my swagbucks for three $5 cards. That's 15 Christmas dollars that I earned just for searching! And those of you that signed up using my code (all you have to do is click on swagbucks in this post of my last one, it automatically gives me credit), you are earning me bucks every time you earn one! Thanks!

So, the key to get lots of gift cards (45 swags gets you a $5 Starbucks gift card, 50 swags gets you $5 Amazon, 220 swags gets you a $20 Target online gift card) is 1. Doing all your searches through Swagbucks and 2. Getting some swag friends. (You don't have to have friends to earn enough points. My husby is on his own and he already has bought an Amazon card and purchased some music!)

Anyways, I just wanted to share the goodness and hope you get to enjoy the freebies as well!

**EDIT** If you put in the swag code Sam Cooke, all caps no spaces in the next 30 minutes, you will earn an swag :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pneumonia Update and a Success story!

Elsie is getting a little better each day. She isn't quite back to herself, but she's close :) Oh she was so sick! Poor little girl. Here's a little progression for you...

Sad sick girlie...
Feeling better and smiling
Yep, the antibiotics are working and she's feeling better and better.

Next, Jenna. For a few weeks now we have been working on a sticker chart on her door. The "I STAYED IN BED ALL NIGHT" chart! There was a while there that Jenna would get out of bed and come into our room 5-6 times per night, just to say something like, "mom, will you carry me back to bed", or "mom I need my blankie snuggled again, or "mom, I need you to tuck me back it". Sweetie, if you would just stay in bed, all these problems would disappear. It's as if the moment she would wake up in the middle of the night she would immediately jump out of bed and come into our room. So in an effort to break her of this habit, we started the chart. (Breaking her of this habit would in turn give her a better night sleep, and her parents too!). Yesterday, she completed the chart and received the prize - 4 princess paper dolls. It was a very special moment for her and for the whole family. It took about 3 weeks to accomplish it, but it seems that the habit is broken and everyone is sleeping better. Here she is, oh so proud!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


We had to go to the ER last night for Elsie. She started getting sick a couple days ago, and then yesterday afternoon she got pretty bad. She was wheezing, and struggling to breathe and could hardly stay awake for more than 10 minutes. Why is it that kids always get sick on the weekends?! So, off to the ER we went. I headed to Adventist this time, knowing that Ang was working there. I am SO VERY THANKFUL that I made that decision. It was amazing to have my best friend take care of my baby girl. I felt very confident and at ease as Ang and the doctor took care of Elsie. They had to take a chest x-ray which was pretty miserable, and from the x-ray diagnosed pneumonia. They got her on antibiotics and sent us home. THANK YOU ANG! And also thanks to Missy, the triage nurse who helped us in the waiting room. God really blessed us and took care of us in a special way by allowing Ang and Missy to be there. Anyways, Elsie is doing a little better today. She isn't eating or drinking much and she is still coughing (and having the grossest diapers in all of history), but she is more alert and awake. We will be heading to the doctor in the next day or two to make sure she is recovering okay.

Meanwhile, Jenna woke up with a bad cough this morning. She seems fine, I think the cough is just left over from the cold she had the past couple days. But she made a big deal about it since Elsie was getting the extra attention. That's okay :) I let her watch an extra show or two, gave her a little medicine, and gave her a warm bath to clear her system. I was explaining to her that the warm bath was producing steam that would help clear her nose. She was pretty fascinated by that, and after her bath said this...
"Mom, I'm really clear! Even if I try to pick my nose I can't get any boogers!"

Kids are so funny. Anyways, we are doing pretty well considering. The house is a disaster, but oh well. Dinner will be left overs, which is awesome.

The weekend was really quite eventful. Not only a trip to the ER, but also Eric and I got a DATE NIGHT on Friday (before Elsie was really sick). We had so much fun. First we used a Christmas gift card at Outback (oh yum!) and then off to the theater for two, yes TWO movies! First we saw Paul Blart Mall Cop, and then Slumdog Millionaire. Talk about two very different movies! Both were great, for very different reasons. The kids spent the night at my parents house and Eric and I slept in until 9am! WOW. Amazing.

So, that was our weekend.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fun full house

Mondays and Tuesdays are fun ones for us. We have the privilege of watching the Fredrick boys and it has been great so far. They are the cutest boys ever, and my girls are in love. Here are a few pictures. The first ones shows the developing friendship between Elsie (15 mos) and Caleb (10 mos). They play together, stare at each other, and follow each other around. Elsie saw Caleb sitting up against the oven and she worked very hard to back up and sit down right next to him. It was cute. Sorry it's fuzzy.

Here are the kids all playing a game together. They took turns climbing up on the chair, rocking, then jumping (or sliding) down. They laughed so hard, it was fun. They were all in the action, even Caleb as he stood holding the rocking chair.

Jenna and Josh are cute little friends too. They play together really well and have a lot of fun. I am sure that there will be lots of fun stories to come!