Thursday, January 29, 2009

In no particular order

Seven of my favorite (recent) things...

1. The girls playing "together," at this point in life that means doing the same thing at the same time and not being selfish toward each other.

2. Jenna being creative and enjoying each day.
3. Elsie's sweet sleeping position.
4. The girls again enjoying time together, and Jenna choosing her own style!
5. Little hints of sunshine (even in the freezing cold) reminding us of spring to come!
6. Snuggle time with Daddy.
7. Elsie's big blue innocent eyes, adorable cheeks, and crazy hair.


Ginger@chirgies said...

I love the new look for your blog, btw.

But I just had to comment on Elsie's bottom - up sleeping. I LOVE that! And your last pic of her, oh my goodness. You said it, those innocent eyes, adorable cheeks and crazy hair. What a sweet, SWEET combination!

Your girls are so precious! What treasures!

Lauren said...

Jenna looks so much like you Megan! I remember you as a little girl and she is a spitting image of you. Nice work on such cute girls :)

Mae said...

Oh my I love these photos. The girls are so sweet to share their babies. I love Jenna's 2nd baby standing in the corner. Is she having a time out? he,he,
E looks very tired, Poor guy it always shows in his eyes-at least momma can always tell.
My girls are soooo cute and I miss them sooo much.
You captured Elsie so perfectly in the last photo. thanks

Tonya said...

You have such sweet girls, and I love getting to see updates on them! Also glad you guys had a pretty good trip, despite the circumstances.