Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cleaning up

Yesterday a group of amazing friends came and helped us do some cleanup, and take the tree off our house. Everyone worked so hard and we are incredibly thankful for all the help. Thank you Greg and Judi for bringing your trailer and working like crazy for hours. Thank you to Bryan, Brandon S, Brandon G, and Ryan for all muscle power and brain power. Thanks also to Jenne, Faith, Heidi, and Alison for staying home with your kids while your husbands helped us out. Thank you thank you thank you so very much!

Okay, so here are some pictures - this is the front yard now. There is still a lot of stuff out there but if you compare it to the picture in the last post you will see just how much progress was made! That tree made for a lot of debris!

Wow huh. I was a little nervous to have my hubby up there on the roof with a chainsaw. But all the help around him made me feel a lot better. And he did a grand job! (Cool picture!)

This was actually the most nerve wracking part. They had to take this huge branch off somehow without it going through the window that was just to the right. They tied a rope around the branch (that is what Eric is doing), cut a V in one side, chain-sawed through the rest of the way, and pulled like crazy to make it fall without crashing through the window (or falling on someone!)
Eric worked more today, and we will continue to work for a while to finish up. I can't imagine how long it would have taken without the help of friends. Thanks so much. Also if anyone needs some firewood, let us know!!

(I will be posting about our trip sometime soon.)


Bruce said...

oooooooh E B VERY's looking clean..

Shellee said...

Wow. What a big job! You have awesome friends! I might know a person or two that would be interested in firewood. How many takers have you had? Do you have much left?