Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 updates

1. For Christmas I received a wonderful gift from my parents - a 6 month membership at our local gym! (No, I didn't take offense, they know how much I love working out). Anyways, I have really enjoyed adding that aspect back into my daily routine. The kids love the child care they provide, I love the outlet, but I AM SO SORE!!

2. We are heading down south for a funeral on Thursday. Eric's Grandma died a few days ago. She was 80 years old. And days before she passed away she finally trusted in the Lord so we are confident that she is pain free in Heaven with Jesus! Pretty amazing.

3. My resolutions are going well. All except one. The no sweets has officially been tossed out the window, at least for this month. I took on a few too many things January 1st and decided I needed to give myself a little slack somewhere (I'm eating a small piece of chocolate as I type this.)

4. Did I mention that I am SO SORE!! I tried a new class at the gym and, wow, it worked me over!

5. Elsie is pretty much walking. She's been able to walk for about a month but chosen not to. The crawl was such a fast mode of transportation! She walks with this wide stance and it always ends in a running dash the the closest support around.

6. Jenna is precious. She's at a sweet stage, she is obeying well and loving to learn and learning to love others. We are reading longer books together and talking a little more about life (as much as you can when you are 3 1/2). I know what I want for our relationship and times like these show me that we are heading in a good direction.

7. Elsie is talking more and more each day. She has added words like, "baby, woof, pretty, and ya" to her vocabulary. I love that she says, "ya" - makes me feel like we are having conversations. Eg. "Good morning Elsie, it's still dark outside" "Ya." "Should I turn on some lights?" "Ya." Do you want some breakfast?" "Ya." "A banana?" "NANA!"

I guess that is it. Sorry my blog has been boring lately. I have lots on my mind, and plenty to blog about, but no desire to do so. I noticed Faith said the same thing on her blog a few days ago :) Hopefully I will be back to it, and I will have lots to share after our trip to California.


Alison said...

Seven thoughts:
1. We should workout together.
2. So sorry to hear about Eric's grandma, but what an amazing thing that you will get to see her again!
3. I'm not currently eating chocolate, but I wish I was.
4. What class did you take?
5. I'm glad to hear that the kiddos are liking the childcare at the gym.
6. Okay, I really don't have seven thoughts...

See you tomorrow!

Megan said...

1. Yes, we should.
2. It is amazing!
3. You should.
4. I took the Adapt (range of motion) class. It is more mental, but I was beat red when I finished. And today I am limping from sore legs.
5. They both love it!
Maybe I'll see you today at the gym!? I might go this afternoon.

Jenne said...

Your blog is NEVER boring!

And TAKE IT EASY! just walk the treadmill or something. you need to give your muscles time to heal. Really, look it up.

Alison said...

I can't believe you did Adapt. I'm in awe. And you should listen to Jenne, her husband's a doctor, you know.

I would love to go tonight, but Brandon is off today, so I'm not going. And Jack has croup, so I won't be at work in the morning. :(

one of nettie's girls said...

Your updates are never boring. So sorry that your trip is for a funeral. Be safe.

Ben & Tera said...

MEGAN! I am taking serious offense that you have not taken my class! You must come:) Adapt is good too though, I should go take that with you;)