Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving trip part 3

And off we went to San Francisco! It was so much fun! We headed to Fisherman's Warf to meet up with some of our dearest friends Luke and Steph. Eric and Luke worked together back when we lived in Santa Clarita and the bond that we all made down there is one that will only grow stronger. Here's E and I on the drive there...

AT&T Park

The Bay Bridge


Fisherman's Wharf where we ate fish and chips! So yummy! (Eric was dying for another In-N-Out meal but somehow us girls talked him into this).

This is my attempt at a group photo. I took it myself, and forgot it was zoomed in.

After dinner on the wharf, we headed to a very cool and historic place called the Anti-Saloon League. It has no windows, just a door with a speaker and button to push. You have to know a secret password in order to come in! This saloon was open during the prohibition, and was one of the only ones not to be raided. They had secret passwords, secret doors, and also tons of secret exits in case they were raided. Cool huh. Once inside, the waitress lead us to the back of the restaurant and opened a book case so we could enter the bar! It was crazy and so neat! Everything is decorated in 20s style, keeping it historic. We talked and laughed and had such a great time with our dear friends.

Eric took this group photo. He did a better job than I did :) Luke and Steph, it was SO great to hang out with you guys. Hope we see you soon. Meet you at the Colorado Belle?


one of nettie's girls said...

Wow! Your Thanksgiving looks like so much fun. Sam and Neva ARE some of the most AMAZING people. They always treated us like family. I am glad that you all got to go and have that time with them and everyone else.

keely steger said...

smart parents! i'd love a day trip to san fran! but i'll certainly settle for a weekend in KC with just my husband- leaving friday!!!

Laina said...

I hope this isn't wierd since I don't really know you, but I used to work with Eric and Luke at the Kiosk, too. I came across your blog and have enjoyed seeing your sweet girls. You have a beautiful family!
Laina (DeClercq) Hilliger