Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving trip part 2

The Thanksgiving day meal was AMAZING. So many people came, and each person brought the best tasting morsels ever. Yum. Seriously. I was SO full I couldn't eat more then two bites of dessert. So sad becuase the dessert was AMAZING. In the photo below is Poppy Sam and Aunt Neva. Neva is an amazing amazing (I'm using that word a lot, I hope you get my drift) cook, and the sweetest lady in the world. Poppy Sam is the most friendly, loving, happy, wonderful man. Our girls feel on love with both of them, and it meant a lot to us that they got to know them. (We stayed at their house).
The morning after Thanksgiving we went to a brunch for cousin Alison's birthday. Again, amazing food, wonderful family, and of course, GAMES! This is Granny Alice, Eric's Grandma.

After brunch Aunt Keri and Mimi (Eric's sister and mom) took the kids to Salinas to visit more family. Freedom! Eric and I looked at each other and knew it was our opportunity to head out. Stay tuned for our fun adventure! Here are the kids waiting in the car to head to Salinas. By the way, they had a wonderful time too!


keely steger said...

grannie was so excited to see your girls! too many boys here, or something...:)

Mae said...

we had the most wonderful time. Thanks a million for letting me (mimi) and Aunt Keri take the girls to see my side of the family. They all fell in love with Jenna and Elsie and wish we could all be together for a Phillips reunion.

Pollock Family said...

Awesome break and I bet Keri wasn't the least bit bummed to have her nieces for the day!