Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun pictures from a fun day

We had a really fun day today as a family. This snow is just so fun!

Jenna and Daddy all ready for the fun, bundled head to toe.
Our snowman creation
Family photo, minus napping Elsie (and plus a snowman)
Mini snowball fight
Snow wrestling
The kirby made a great make-shift sled!
Yum, snow.
Hot cocoa and marshmallows in her special tea set after the fun
Puppet shows!
Art project
All this snow has kept us (me) away from all the last minute
Christmas shopping and errand running. It's been really nice!


Jenne said...

What an amazing day!!

Mae said...

It looks so fun. I wish we could be there. I love all the photos and especially the one with E and Jenna wrestling on the ground. so special. Love, mimi