Friday, November 07, 2008


(This is ending up a long post, so I will add pictures for your reading enjoyment!)

This Thanksgiving, we had big plans to drive down to San Jose, California to spend Thanksgiving with Eric's side of the family.

When we were dating and when were were married living in Southern California, we spent Thanksgiving in San Jose every year. I think it was 5 years in a row.

Since moving to Oregon, and having kids, (and being broke), it has been harder and harder to make it down there. Thanksgiving is a huge holiday for the Wood family, possibly more celebrated than Christmas (as far as the whole family getting together). Anyways, after missing two years in a row, we decided that this year we would buck up and drive on down.

Here was the plan...
Drive all day Wednesday, aproximately 10 hours. Spend two fun filled days with the Woods!! Drive home all day Saturday. Great plan, huh! We thought so, and we were excited about it.

Well, plans changed a bit. We took the car in for a 'well-check' visit and found that it needed A LOT of work done before taking it on a long journey. Yikes.

Well, the same day that we took the car in and found out the bad news, we had Bible Study with some wonderful couples from our church. That night the topic 'happened' to be on worry (Matthew 6:25-34).

At the end of study, we all shared prayer requests, ours was about the car. Well, let me tell you, the friends in our Bible Study really came through, loving us, and offering to help us. One couple offered us their van to drive to California, another suggested some very honest mechanics they know, and another offered us some airline buddy passes. We were OVERWHELMED by the love we received from these new friends, and really felt that God was caring for us through the body of Christ, through His church.

Long story short (or long), we are flying to San Jose! It will cost us less than gas, it offers us some extra time before having to fix our car, it will possibly give us more time to be with the Wood family, and more than anything it was just amazing to see God loving us through His people. So, I just had to share.


keely steger said...

great story! praise God! so glad you'll be able to make it for thanksgiving. wish we could be there as well. it's been FAR too long since we've seen you guys!

Faith said...

I almost cried. I am so happy for you guys Megan! Thank the Lord for being so good to us. Enjoy your time with Eric's family.

Irene said...

Yea! Flying is so much better! I am so happy for you! Enjoy a California Thanksgiving:) Are you going to see Jen?

Megan said...

Keely, I wish you guys could come to Cali for Thanksgiving too! I wonder when the next huge Wood family reunion will be.

Faith, thanks. I know that you share similar stories, ones that I have teared up for too.

Irene, I don't think we will get to see Jen, but maybe. We are there for such a short time so it will be basically all family time. We would love to take a nice long road trip down, visiting all our Cali friends, (every In-N-Out along the way), and of course Disneyland.

Mae said...

Our God truly is an awesome God! I love when he grows my children up in Him because of His provision and His choice of how you would get to CA so I could see my GRANDbabies and my son and you my daughter-in-love. To God be all the glory and I cannot wait to get my hands on those precious baby girls....
love, mimi

one of nettie's girls said...

When my family moved from Arkansas to California in 1969 we had moved far from family. We spent several Thanksgivings with the Wood clan in San Jose. Sam and Neva are the greatest. What fun times! I am so glad that you all get to make the trek there. Have fun. Thanksgiving is the big holiday for our family too. We are all going to my sister Debe's in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Alison said...

I am so excited to see you guys! And even more happy to hear that you are flying! What a blessing! Give me the details! I am holding off seeing 007 so we can go!