Sunday, November 09, 2008

On a rocket with Jenna

(photo and hairstyle by Daddy! Impressive huh)

Today while I was cleaning, and rearranging furniture (and organizing, and purging the family room of toys, and cleaning up the bedrooms and kitchen), Jenna was taking us in a pretend rocket to all kinds of places.

First we went to "America, where there are lots of children." Then we went to "United America States, were there's lots of organized things". After that we headed to New York and then to Oklahoma.

All these fun pretend trips that Jenna made up took us to different bedrooms of the house. And since I was in project mode I was able to: Rearrange the furniture in the family room and relocate some of the toys back to the kids rooms, finish putting away the next size up clothes in Elsie's room, clean up Jenna's room, clean up the messy/junk corner in the kitchen.

Sometimes we play together, sometimes we work together, and sometimes we work and play side by side. It was a nice day with my girls.


Mae said...

I wanna play rocket with Jenna and watch Elsie. Oh how I miss them soooo much. I was glad to see Jenna picked Oklahoma to take you to. I long to see them at my home and so does their poppa.