Monday, November 10, 2008

How many?!

Each Monday while Eric and I are at Bible study, Jenna goes downstairs (while we study upstairs) and is babysat by a group of teens (all their parents are in our group.) She and the other little ones have a blast together. (Elsie sleeps in a different room)

This was our conversation on the drive home tonight...
Me: Did you have fun tonight?
Jenna: Oh ya, it was so fun.
Me: What did you do downstairs?
Jenna: Well, I might have had two or three cookies
Me: Really?!
Jenna: Or maybe four.
(Eric and I are cracking up laughing at this point!)
Jenna: Dad, I'm not joking.
Dad: Sorry hun. So what else did you guys do?
Jenna: Oh, well, it was hilarious.
Dad: What was hilarious?
Jenna: Oh, ha, well, they were talking on the phone. Oh and it was so funny.

And on went the conversation. We never figured out what was so hilarious about the phone calls. But what was hilarious was her honesty about the absurd amount of cookies she ate in an hour.


Hannah said...

lol that is so funny!! I can promise you the cookie thing won't happen again!! :) (This is Hannah btw.. the oldest one!)