Saturday, November 01, 2008

Half your weight in ounces

I have been really bad at drinking water lately. I hear that you are suppose to drink half your weight in ounces, so I am giving it a shot (ie if you weigh 128 pounds you should drink 64 ounces per day - eight 8 oz glasses per day).

So far so good. It is WAY more water than I have been drinking. Hopefully drinking the proper amount of water will help me on my weight loss journey. Speaking of that, it is going pretty well. I have lost the baby weight and now I am trying to lose more and more - more than anything I just want to live healthy.

I might make the water intake my new New Year's Resolution. I enjoyed last years resolution a lot. Maybe I will share more about that later :)


Curtis and Jane said...

Yeah, Meagan! Great job losing weight. I'm doing weight watchers and it is both hard and so freeing...not to be controlled by food. I'm trying (and so far failing) to drink more water too. Perhaps I'll head to the sink right now. :)
Keep up the good work! (PS-I always think you look GREAT).

Mae said...

MEGAN, Mimi and Poppy (OK) think you look fabulous!!! We are so proud of you and know that you have worked very, very hard. CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU are an inspiration to your mimi.
we love you soooooooooooo much,
Jenna and Elsie's
mimi and poppy