Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monday is the big day!!

Well, tomorrow my sister is going to the hospital to be induced.
Here comes baby boy #4!!
We are so excited to meet this new little one! I will be updating her blog a couple times tomorrow so if you want to know how things are going, go to...

If anyone is interested in helping them out by bringing a meal in the month of December, email me or leave a comment!

I don't have a recent picture of the three boys together, but this one will have to do. This is, from left to right, the new baby's cousins Elsie and Jenna, and the new baby's brothers, Jackson, Davis, and Weston.

And sometime this week I will blog our trip...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We're back...

We are back from California.  We had SUCH A WONDERFUL time and we are exhausted.  There will be at least two blogs coming about our trip so be prepared and check back for all the juicy details of our trip down south!  The kids are super tired.  Jenna took a FOUR hour nap today, and Elsie went to bed at 5:30pm.  We had a great time!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Elsie is starting to walk with this little walking toy. I love the beginning stages of walking, it's just too cute. She is a little unsure at first but then is so proud of herself. And helpful big sister is there teaching and instructing on the next thing to do.

**Edit** Elsie just took her first unassisted steps! She stood up all on her own, balanced for a moment and then stepped forward. Oh she was SO proud of herself!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lazy Saturday morning...

We had a lazy morning at home. It was SO nice. Eric built a fire (first of the season), we drank coffee (just the adults, though Elsie would if we let her), and listened to Christmas music.
Yep, Mr. Christmas came out early this year. Usually we wait until after Thanksgiving to bring out the Christmas decor and music. But since we are traveling over Thanksgiving this year we decided to start early. Whenever we travel this time of year, the season seems to go by faster than normal so we may as well make it seem as long as possible!
This is a family picture from October. I love my family so much :)
And last, I just have to share. My dear hubby surprised me with an early birthday gift today. A new camera! I was shocked. Absolutely shocked. It's small and will fit in my purse, and it is so cute! He emptied his piggy bank for me. He has been collecting change in there for a LONG time :) Thanks babe, I love it!

The Dentist

Jenna had her first dentist appointment on Friday, and she loved it. She did a great job, and she wants to go back soon. Eric and I also had appointments and we did a good job too. None of us have to go back for fillings or anything, so that is something to be very thankful for. And thank you Starbucks for the insurance, making these appointments free!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today when I picked up Elsie (13 months old) from the Good Shepherd nursery, the helper looked at me and said,

"She is not the same girl! She has changed so much even since last week! It's like she turned into a willful two year old!"

Don't worry, I wasn't offended. In fact I was comforted a bit that other people see what I have been seeing for the past several days. In some ways I feel like I am in survival mode (you know the mode, just doing the necessities, not caring too much about the details of life, feeling blessed to get a shower, etc) because there is very little rest when she is awake. Now don't get me wrong, she is DELIGHTFUL in millions of ways! But embracing the fact that I am in survival mode has taken some stress off my shoulders, allowed me to release some of the standards I hold myself to, and has been a relief. Now, it's nap time so I better go get something done - it's now or never!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been trying hard lately to praise Jenna whenever I see her treating her sister with kindness. We are in a bit of a hard season here at the Wood home, but we will make it through, by the grace of God and with lots of prayer and with some consistency. (We have a cranky one year old who wants so badly to walk and talk but can't so she whines about it all day, and who has two teeth trying to break through, and who could really use a bit more naptime sleep but is in the bad habit of pooping during nap number two - sorry for TMI - and thus ending the nap. And we have a three year old who has figured out exactly how to push this mama's buttons and who is showing a lot of sibling rivalry or jealousy or something.)


Today Jenna decided to share the pots and pans she was using as drums with Elsie (four o'clock dinner prep is such a peaceful quiet time at our home - HA). So I took her aside and said, "Jenna I saw how you just shared your drums with your sister and I am so proud of you!" She said to me with a big smile, "yes, the first time I didn't share but then the next time I DID share". And so I hugged her and asked, "and how did your heart feel? Did it feel so good to share?" And Jenna said.... "Actually, it felt pretty good both times."

Sigh. At least she shared. It's progress I suppose.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day two in the leaves

Jenna was sick today so during her long nap, Elsie and I ventured outside.

Not too sure about the leaves

A little more interested

Hooray, she loves the leaves!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Happy Fall Day

It was so beautiful today!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surprisingly long

Elsie's hair is surprisingly long when wet.
She looks like a different kid
There's the girl we know...

Monday, November 10, 2008

How many?!

Each Monday while Eric and I are at Bible study, Jenna goes downstairs (while we study upstairs) and is babysat by a group of teens (all their parents are in our group.) She and the other little ones have a blast together. (Elsie sleeps in a different room)

This was our conversation on the drive home tonight...
Me: Did you have fun tonight?
Jenna: Oh ya, it was so fun.
Me: What did you do downstairs?
Jenna: Well, I might have had two or three cookies
Me: Really?!
Jenna: Or maybe four.
(Eric and I are cracking up laughing at this point!)
Jenna: Dad, I'm not joking.
Dad: Sorry hun. So what else did you guys do?
Jenna: Oh, well, it was hilarious.
Dad: What was hilarious?
Jenna: Oh, ha, well, they were talking on the phone. Oh and it was so funny.

And on went the conversation. We never figured out what was so hilarious about the phone calls. But what was hilarious was her honesty about the absurd amount of cookies she ate in an hour.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

On a rocket with Jenna

(photo and hairstyle by Daddy! Impressive huh)

Today while I was cleaning, and rearranging furniture (and organizing, and purging the family room of toys, and cleaning up the bedrooms and kitchen), Jenna was taking us in a pretend rocket to all kinds of places.

First we went to "America, where there are lots of children." Then we went to "United America States, were there's lots of organized things". After that we headed to New York and then to Oklahoma.

All these fun pretend trips that Jenna made up took us to different bedrooms of the house. And since I was in project mode I was able to: Rearrange the furniture in the family room and relocate some of the toys back to the kids rooms, finish putting away the next size up clothes in Elsie's room, clean up Jenna's room, clean up the messy/junk corner in the kitchen.

Sometimes we play together, sometimes we work together, and sometimes we work and play side by side. It was a nice day with my girls.

Friday, November 07, 2008


(This is ending up a long post, so I will add pictures for your reading enjoyment!)

This Thanksgiving, we had big plans to drive down to San Jose, California to spend Thanksgiving with Eric's side of the family.

When we were dating and when were were married living in Southern California, we spent Thanksgiving in San Jose every year. I think it was 5 years in a row.

Since moving to Oregon, and having kids, (and being broke), it has been harder and harder to make it down there. Thanksgiving is a huge holiday for the Wood family, possibly more celebrated than Christmas (as far as the whole family getting together). Anyways, after missing two years in a row, we decided that this year we would buck up and drive on down.

Here was the plan...
Drive all day Wednesday, aproximately 10 hours. Spend two fun filled days with the Woods!! Drive home all day Saturday. Great plan, huh! We thought so, and we were excited about it.

Well, plans changed a bit. We took the car in for a 'well-check' visit and found that it needed A LOT of work done before taking it on a long journey. Yikes.

Well, the same day that we took the car in and found out the bad news, we had Bible Study with some wonderful couples from our church. That night the topic 'happened' to be on worry (Matthew 6:25-34).

At the end of study, we all shared prayer requests, ours was about the car. Well, let me tell you, the friends in our Bible Study really came through, loving us, and offering to help us. One couple offered us their van to drive to California, another suggested some very honest mechanics they know, and another offered us some airline buddy passes. We were OVERWHELMED by the love we received from these new friends, and really felt that God was caring for us through the body of Christ, through His church.

Long story short (or long), we are flying to San Jose! It will cost us less than gas, it offers us some extra time before having to fix our car, it will possibly give us more time to be with the Wood family, and more than anything it was just amazing to see God loving us through His people. So, I just had to share.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Elsie's growing up

Elsie is growing up. Here she is "talking on the phone".

This picture is a little over exposed, but I like it. She comes at me so fast when I take pictures, it's hard to focus.

Looks like she is raising her hand, ready for school.

Playing in her favorite toy corner with all the plastic balls.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Creative Pumpkin Carving!

Here is a link to some amazing carved pumpkins. Some friends from college hold and pumpkin carving contest each year, and every year I am amazed at what people come up with! You can even vote if you want :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Half your weight in ounces

I have been really bad at drinking water lately. I hear that you are suppose to drink half your weight in ounces, so I am giving it a shot (ie if you weigh 128 pounds you should drink 64 ounces per day - eight 8 oz glasses per day).

So far so good. It is WAY more water than I have been drinking. Hopefully drinking the proper amount of water will help me on my weight loss journey. Speaking of that, it is going pretty well. I have lost the baby weight and now I am trying to lose more and more - more than anything I just want to live healthy.

I might make the water intake my new New Year's Resolution. I enjoyed last years resolution a lot. Maybe I will share more about that later :)