Monday, October 20, 2008

The Party

Elsie's party was really fun.  We had lots of family - Elsie's...
 2 aunts, 1 uncle, one aunt's boyfriend, 2 grandmas, 1 grandpa,
1 mom, 1 dad, 1 sister, 3 cousins, 1 great aunt, 1 great uncle, 1 first cousin once removed, 
and 1 first cousin once removed's girlfriend :)  For this party, the adults way outnumbered the kids, and the birthday girl took a nap mid party :)  It was casual and a very nice time.

Here's Elsie discovering her cake...

And here she is, the day after, playing with some new toys!
Thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts, and for the birthday wishes!


Jenne said...

she looks like she is in one-year-old heaven! (So, did the kids nap well???)

Rob, Jen and Robby said...

Hey Megan-
Love that curly hair. Your girls are so cute. I have to admit I have peeked at your blog for a while now...just rejoined the blogging world recently. Thanks for commenting:) I am in Salem...I actually just noticed my profile said czech republic. Feel free to stalk me:)

Tonya said...

That picture of her playing, it is just too cute! I bet that smile melts your heart and lets her get away with a lot of stuff! I wouldnt be able to take it seriously! She is so cute!

Bruce said...

Mimi had such fun with her precious grand girls. She only wishes she was closer to see them more and play with them. They are priceless, precious rewards from God above....Psalm 127