Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday Night Football

Four years ago we started watching Monday Night Football at the Alcorns. It's been such a fun part of the fall season for our family! Anyways, it has become a tradition to have the kids dress up in their costumes the Monday closest to Halloween.

So this is the first year. It started with five kids (Matthew Franklin not pictured)
2005 - Jake, Keri, Ashlynn, and Jenna

2006 - We added Joel and Ty (and Matthew, Ashlynn, and Lorelai are missing)

2007 - We didn't make it in 2007 because of our newborn Elsie

2008 - Holy moly, look at all the kids!!
Top - Ty, Lorelai, Elsie, Jake, Matthew, Jack
Bottom - Joel, Jenna, Aubrey, Keri, Ashlynn

Wow. As you can imagine, Monday nights are calm evenings full of watching the entire football game and enjoying uninterrupted conversation with good friends.
(Or maybe it is full of kids running and yelling, and adults sort of watching most of the game and having interrupted conversations...with great friends :)


Greg and Andrea said...

How funny! I just posted basically the same thing. :) It's been fun getting to see you guys more often.

ang said...

Love it. LOVE it. So glad we're getting to have our kids grow up together. Not quite next door, but 2 or 3 miles away isn't bad. :o)

Rebecca B said...

Very cute!!