Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The girls and an organizing tip

Things around here have been fun lately.  The kids are at really fun stages/ages.  We are enjoying the routine that fall has to offer, and enjoying what seems like more time with Eric home.  

Jenna is becoming more and more interested in art projects - stickers, coloring, painting, writing, cutting, gluing, glittering... they all can keep her very well entertained on these rainy days.  

Here we are doing a fun craft.  Jenna wanted to paint on plates.  Great idea!  We have a huge stack of those paper plates that fall apart if you try to put any food on them, but are the perfect thickness when used as an art canvas!  Plus the ridges and circle shape make it interesting and fun!!  I highly recommend paper plate art.
Here's Jenna posing for a picture in a pretty little dress.  She still asks to wear a dress every day.  But now she wants to wear a FANCY dress when possible.  Fancy dresses are any that have ruffles, lace, tulle - we received several fancy dresses from Eric's aunt who has daughters a few years older than Jenna.  She loves being fancy.
We had a couple friends over this morning.  It is Heidi's birthday today so you can wish her a happy birthday here!!  Anyways, the girls had a lot of fun dressing up like princesses and drinking tea.  And of course making a big mess.  Jenna told me, "mom, there isn't a little mess in my room."  She was right :)  They have so much fun together.
And then sweet Elsie, so curious, so adventurous, so determined to explore.  She had a blast unraveling the toilet paper, and when I went to take a picture, she dipped her hand in the toilet, of course.  I'm glad I have the picture though because it really represents her personality at this stage of life.
This is what she likes to do when I cook.  Completely empty the drawers.  I let her have her way with two drawers - towels and tupperware.  She loves it.  She stands there and throws everything out of the drawers.  She doesn't stop until the drawer is empty.  Determined, and a finisher.
Here you can kind of see her top teeth.  

And lastly, on Choose To Bloom, Faith asked us all to share our own decorating and organizing tips.  Here is one way my house is semi-organized.  I have two craft plastic drawer things (you can see in the picture below).  One is for Jenna's memory stuff, and one is for Elsie's memory stuff.  Every time I have a picture, or art project, weight/height paperwork from the doctor, funny things they say that I wrote down on a piece of paper, or anything special that I want to someday put in their baby books, I put it in the drawers.  That way when I actually get around to Elsie's baby book, and Jenna's 1-4 year old book, I have it all in one place semi organized.  It isn't too fantastic, but I like it :)


Faith said...

Cute! Thanks again for today..it was a lot of fun. LOVE the one of Elsie playing in the toilet. That is so funny. I love your idea with the drawers...what a great way to keep it all together and contained. Might have to steal that idea!

Eric 'n Leah said...

Have you done this one yet?

Put watery paint on paper plate and give your kid a straw to blow it around the plate.

It's fun. Also, do you get Hanna Anderson in the mail (like I could ever buy ANYTHING from that catalog!)? It has some CUTE hair ideas in there, I thought of you. Maybe I'll try to get it to you. Several of them just scream out "JENNA! SPORT ME!"

:-) Leah

christina piluso said...

Oh my gosh, that hand in the toilet picture - too funny. She'll love that when she is older!

Shellee said...

These pictures are so cute! I hardly ever put Renee is dresses, but I love it when I do, girls are so fun! I'm sure the day is coming when all she wants to wear is a dress. Elsie in the toilet cracks me up! Great timing kid!

Good idea on the memory drawers. My stuff is so unorganized, and I only have 1 kid! Yikes! I better get it together.

one of nettie's girls said...

The organizing tip is a good one. I long to be organized but seem to lack the proper follow through. The princess tea party looks like a blast!