Friday, October 10, 2008

Children's Museum

Thanks to the Gresham Library, we were able to go to the Children's Museum yesterday for free!  (Well, not really for free, we pay our taxes so we paid a LOT of money to go to the museum :)  

Here's Jenna on the way there

And Elsie, you can really see her new teeth here

Jenna on stage, with a bit of stage fright was going on

Elsie was watching sister on the moniter

Jenna giving Bob the Builder a high five 
(there was a special exhibit dedicated to Bob and his crew.)

Jenna focused on the tool puzzle

The girls playing on Scoop, or Rollie, or Loftie, or whoever.  I don't have boys.

BIG smiles!


It was a fun day!  Gotta put our names back on the library waiting list now so that we can go again is 8 months!


Eric 'n Leah said...

Make sure you put it on yours AND you hubby's card...then you can go 'twice' as fast.

Jenne said...

What GREAT pics of the girls. They look like they had a fabulous time and that they were on their best behavior!

Alison said...

Um, I think that's actually Benny that the girls are riding on...

Brandy said...

cute, cute teeth! Jenna looks super grown up too in the first pic. Looks like fun:)