Saturday, September 27, 2008

Teddy Bear Parade

The Teddy Bear Parade this morning was very fun.

It was a bit chilly.  Do you like Jenna's outfit!?  
Elsie loved to watch when dogs or horses passed by.  She also loved the bands.
Jenna loved to watch the different dance teams and would dance right along.  
The kids had a great time!
Before the parade started a woman walked by with her beautiful and very sweet retriever.  She noticed that Elise was interested in the dog and brought her over.  It was the cutest thing ever!  I had a close hold on Elsie just in case this dog didn't like being poked in the eye.  But she liked it and licked Elsie on the nose, and Elsie snuggled right up with her.  It was really cute.  Eric and I were ready to buy a dog right then.


Jenne said...

hypo-allergenic, PLEASE?!? If you get a dog I want to be able to come over to your house still.

What a fun morning. The Teddy Bear Parade is so fun!! Sorry we missed it this year.

Alison said...

Where were you guys sitting? Jack and I were supposed to be in the parade, but I vetoed that about 10 minutes before it started. Instead, we found the Moffat's and enjoyed it from the sidelines.

one of nettie's girls said...

I want to steal Elsie! She is just too huggable. What a great couple of girls you have.

Pollock Family said...

Your girls are SO cute! I love parades and I think having kids makes them even better! Did you buy a dog already? :) I told my husband once we got a house he could have whatever dog he wanted. It took him about 2 seconds after purchasing our home to show up with Apollos (the dog).

Angie Tolpin said...

HI Megan,
Your girls are so cute! That parade looked like fun. Thanks for the link comment on my blog I will look into it this afternoon. I need to do something with all these tomoatoes.
How did your garden turn out this year? The trellis' work well?