Saturday, September 20, 2008


As messy as it is, I love watching my kids eat spaghetti.  

Jenna, 14 months

Elsie, 11 months.


Bruce said...

I can see a big difference in the shape of their eyes and such a difference in their hair color and texture. such gorgeous little angels, Their mimi loves them sooooo much & appreciates all the photos to help her enjoy their every move.
Luv, mimi in OK

Brandy said...

wow they look so different! i hadn't noticed until you posted a picture like that!! two little cuties meg:)

verla said...

They are so cute. They have the most beautiful eyes. I love pictures of my kids that show similar moments in their lives. I have some of all three of mine on their first Sunday, first Christmas and first Easter. Precious memories.