Friday, September 05, 2008

Small update

1.  My coupon obsession has calmed down considerably.  I am okay now, I promise.  But I am enjoying this newfound exciting part of my week!

2.  Head over to Choose To Bloom to see the challenge for the weekend, and to see what we are planning for the months ahead!  Leave a comment, we like comments :)

3.  Parenting Elsie has been good.  She seems to know what "no" means and responds to it pretty well.  But it doesn't take her long to be back at the the same forbidden activity (ie chewing on things such as shoes, brushes, etc).  She will learn, slowly but surely.  Just as with my older daughter, consistency seems to be key.

4.  Parenting Jenna has been full of challenges.  Thankfully we have also experienced some exciting success.  Maybe I will blog more about that later :)

5.   I am back to teaching and helping with Sunday School (Sprouts) at church after a short summer break.  I am so excited to teach and love those little 3-5 year olds.  We have several new volunteers, and of course I am forever thankful for my dear friend Inga who does the scheduling, email reminders, and helps me with anything else I need.  She's the best!

6.  I rearranged Jenna's room the other day.  Moving her bed to the side of the room has freed up so much space.  I can't wait to have the girls in the same room so that we can have a guest/play room again.  But I think I will wait for a while still.

That's all.  Hope I didn't bore you too much :)  Have a good day everybody!


Bronwyn said...

Never ever boring!!! I love reading about everything with you-- since I don't get to see you very often, I rely on your blog for updates! Thank you! BB