Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today, I started some causal Pre-school with Jenna.  It was so much fun, though about six minutes into it she said, "okay, now I'll be the teacher."

We did some basic stuff - letters, reading, computer time.  Nothing to spectacular, but it went so well.  Adding this structured time during Elsie's nap is great.  In fact, we structured the whole day, which is something I have been meaning to do for a LONG time.  It just took a horrible day yesterday to really motivate me to start.

Here's the structure of our morning and afternoon:
1. Play
2. Chores - clean together 
3. TV - one show (I shower or do devotions, Elsie starts her nap)
4. School time (Elsie still sleeping)
5. Snack
7. Play outside
8. Lunch
9. Nap
10. Run Errands
11. Craft or freetime 
12. Dinner

Does anyone else out there have a causal schedule for the day?


Jenne said...

Wow! what an undertaking! Good job, sis.

The casual afternoon schedule we have going right now, as we are adjusting to biggest brother coming home each day at 2pm is very, very simple, and very tiny. I plan on adding to it as the kids adjust to it and as the weather gets increasingly poor.

Davis home
tv show (i.e. relax time for Davis)
Play all together (although this can't include me until Weston finished adjusting to the new big boy bed...

Like i said, SUPER SIMPLE, but I promise it will get very complicated and very intense. ha ha.

Brandy said...

I just started a Homemaking Binder with chore schedules, daily schedules and homeschool schedules in it. I love feeling so structured:) Glad it is working for you guys too!!