Monday, September 15, 2008

Okay girls...

"Alright girls, you both look so nice, 
we are going to take a quick picture before church.  
Can you both sit right there..."

"Elsie sit still, Jenna look at me and not at Elsie..."
"Elsie, come back here!"

"Elsie, don't eat the lens cap"
Never mind.  Maybe next week we will get a good one :)


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Adorable. Elsie's hair is beautiful. She is such a little love. As is precious Jenna.

Jenne said...

taking photos of a crawler and their older (but not that old) sibling is like mailing jello to a wall: All our best efforts end up splattered on the ground. Hopefully we chose something other than red jello, which stains something fierce.

Tinabean said...

They are so sweet and beautiful.
I have the same problem with my boys I can always get cute pics of them alone but rarely together.
Thank you for visiting me on my special day.

Tonya said...

They are still cute photos! I bet you will get it right someday! It seems like there is always one of them looking the wrong direction or frowning!

verla said...

Love Elsie's hair. They are both so cute.