Friday, September 19, 2008


I think that our long run of messy, often un-brushed hair is coming to an end.  The following things have changed.  
1.  We started using big kid shampoo and conditioner, making it much easier to brush each day. It's nice to not need the no tear stuff.
2.  I found this website and was inspired by it.  
3.  Jenna likes having her hair done!

So here begins the fun hairstyles.  More to come, this mommy-daughter stuff is fun :)


verla said...

Great hairstyles. You are fortunate that she enjoys it.

Sara said...

lucky you! I had to chop Averie's hair off because it was so nappy and tangled all the time, even with brushing!! Very cute style! I forget about that kind of fun with hair!