Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't wanna forget

Several little things that I don't want to forget, and so I blog :)

1.  I found Elsie in the bathroom, standing at the toilet, playing in the water the other day.  Yes, it was flushed.  Yes, that is still disgusting. 
2.  Jenna was dragging Elsie down the hall by the foot of her footy pjs.  Jenna was upset and Elsie was too.  Jenna said to me, "She won't stay in my room and play with me!!"  
3.  Elsie is stealth.  She emptied my purse, dumping all my coupons and receipts on the floor without me knowing (she was right behind me, I was sitting at the kitchen table) and then crawled around to the other side of the table and was eating and dumping house plant dirt all over the kitchen floor.  She is silent!  I stood up to get more water and found two huge messes and a baby with a dirt filled mouth!
4.  This one is a little embarrassing.  Jenna and I were driving in the car, talking about how wonderful our day was and how much we love to spend time together.  We were having such a sweet conversation.  Anyways, she said to me, "mom, I just smile whenever I talk."  I say, "Really, why" (expecting her to say, 'because I love our family so much' or 'because Jesus loves me' or something along those lines).  But her response to my why was, "Because I am just so beautiful, and princesses always smile."  Oh dear.  

There are also lots of sweet moments.  Just a few moments ago Jenna looked over at me and said, "Elsie is my bestest friend in the whole world, and I am her bestest sister."


keely steger said...

wow. just wow. :)

Jenne said...

So cute. These two will keep you on your toes for a while! I can just see the picture of Jenna "forcing" Elsie to play in her room with her. I was expecting it to be that she was pulling Elsie OUT of her room, because she was being too disruptive or too destructive. But no, Jenna is always up for a playmate.

Weeksie50 said...

That is just to stinkin'cute..


Rebecca B said...

Megan I have to confess that I am just now getting around to reading your blog! *insert shameful face*
But your stories are so sweet and your girls are unbelievable! Jenna looks just like you and Elsie is just so stinkin adorable!!!

Sara said...

Averie wore a dress the other day and I asked her if she felt pretty when she wore a dress. She immediately said, "but Mama, I feel pretty ALL the time!"
I love the innocence of our kids and the way they look at the world!!
FYI- I usually comment whenever I stop by just so you know who's lookin"!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the sweet moment that you shared in the end. Makes it all soo worth it!

Alison said...

The story where Jenna is forcing Elsie to play with her reminds me of when Ashley got mad because Brian and Eric would not play with her! They got in big trouble! Miss you tons!

Erin said...

Hey! I love reading about your girls because ours will be there soon...Jordan and I always say we can't wait until Morgan is talking...maybe we can! HA!!! I love that our girls can be best friends though, don't you? And yes, of course, add me as a link! How do you do that? Can you explain it over a comment?