Friday, July 25, 2008

Today's lessons from my family

Jenna taught me:  To stick to my word
Jenna knows by now that she has to wait until 7am to come into our bedroom to get up for the day.  She is great at it, but for the past week she has been coming in at 6:30 and then again at 6:38, and again at get the picture.  This morning I was so super grumpy when she came in for the second time at 6:48am.  I didn't want to face the day because I just didn't know how I was going to handle it.  I could hear her in her bed, hollering and yelling for me, and I could hear that she had woken up Elsie.  Argh.  I just laid in bed, praying and trying to come up with a plan.  Finally I figured out what I was going to do, and headed into Jenna's room.  We talked, and she was very aware of what she had done wrong.  So I went for it.  I said, "because you got out of bed two times and then yelled and complained, you have lost your tv privileges for the day."  For her that is a very extreme punishment.  But it is even more of a punishment for me.  That meant that no matter how the day went, I couldn't cave and turn on a show.  She doesn't watch a ton of tv, but she watches some.  And while she does I have some quite time to do a few quite things.  I know, I know, judge me if you will.  Maybe I will change this habit someday, but for now it works really well for us.  But that's not even the point that I am trying to make here.  What I am trying to say is that I was reminded again how important it is for me to be consistent and a mama of my word.  If I say no tv for the day, then I can't cave in.  That means two important things for me.  First, that I need to be very careful choosing how to teach.  I have to be able to go through with whatever it is that I set forth.  Second, I have to stick to it.  And when I do, I think and hope that a lesson will be learned.  This whole day wasn't really about her waking us up before 7am.  It is about her obeying and respecting us, and us staying consistent to the standards we are setting for the family.  Wow, that was a lot more in depth that I was originally planning to go.  It was a learning day.

Elsie taught me:  Crawlers aren't the best sleepers
As a crawler, she can also sit up on her own.  And once sitting up in your crib, it is hard to lay down and go to sleep!  So, we had a lot of fake out naps, frustrated cries, early wake-ups, etc etc.  It will probably just take some time to get through this one.  Quick side note...Elsie has all of a sudden started to snuggle with me right before I put her down for naps!  Ahhh, my heart just melts as she lays her head down on me, and we take turns sighing back and forth (she mimics my sighs).  

Eric taught me:  Hubby is awesome (I already knew this!)
Eric did all the laundry this morning before he went to work and stayed with the kids while I went garage sale-ing.  Thank you thank you thank you!!

I taught me:  Eating less is a big key to weight loss
It's true, eating less calories actually helps with the process of losing the baby weight.  What a concept :)



Ben & Tera said...

Megan, I just love you blog. I was actually going to call you today to get some advice. I think you are a great mom, and so willing to be transparent. Thanks for that. Maybe I will call you tomorrow if Eric is at work???

Faith said...

Good advice Megan (regarding Jenna) it is so hard to be consistent. Today was a REALLY rough day with Peyton, a day where I lost my temper a few times and it wasn't pretty. Now that she is sound asleep in her bed I feel so guilty (I did apologize a few times) I really need to learn how to calm down and be consistent with her. I have such a hard time NOT acting out of anger and frustration. Phew..this parenting thing is hard isn't it??!!

Jenne said...

You ARE a good Mom, and I need to see Elsie crawling! (way to make things that much more interesting, Ells, with Cultus a week away.)