Friday, July 18, 2008


Tomorrow Elsie will be nine months old, and in anticipation of doing yet another blog about the baby, I thought I would do a good long one about what Jenna has been up to lately.  So, here is a little bit about Jenna.

1.  Imaginative.  Yesterday Jenna had on her "super power bracelet" (it's from the dollar store, and it has a red flashing jewel - awesome).  She would push one button on her bracelet to make her fly, and then another button to make blueberry pits that the bad guys would fall in.  Then she would cover them with bad blueberries.  

2.  Social. When asked the question, "What is your favorite thing to do" Jenna says,
"I love to go to people's houses, and for people to come over here."

3.  Friendly.  She makes friends with kids everywhere we go.  I sometimes forget that she used to be my shy little toddler.  Yesterday we were at the Fred Meyer self-checkout area and Jenna made friends with a little girl checking out next to us.  They were copying each other and when we left the little girl yelled at Jenna, "I WILL MISS YOU!!!"  It's funny how they make friends within seconds.  

4.  Intelligent.  I love watching a young mind learn and develop.  Right now Jenna is interested in learning to write her numbers and letters, and is learning to read just a little bit.  She also loves to rhyme everything.  If I say, "Get your pajamas on" she will say, "bit your babamas on?!" 

5.  Super-kid-abilities.  She has the power to turn her ears off completely.  This strange power usually shows up in the evenings when she is really tired.  It is a super-power that I hope she grows out of.

6.  Artistic. Her favorite medium is paint. I taught her how to paint rainbows the other day, and within minutes she had painted about 12 beautiful rainbows. They are all over our fridge, making the kitchen a happy place to be.

7.  Encouraging.  She claps and cheers for Elsie as she tries new things. 

8.  Special.  I asked Jenna to describe herself and she said one word.  "Special."  I agree.

9.  Musical.  She often has a song on her lips, and it is usually one that she has made up.  If she sings it enough, we make it a household hit because it gets stuck in all our heads.

10.  All around joy.  We love her so much, we are her biggest fans, and we consider it such a privilege to be her parents.  


Jenne said...

Jenna is indeed growing to be more wonderful and delightful and sweet and adorable every day. Love you, Jenna-Belle!
Aunt Jenne

Shellee said...

This is sooo sweet Megan! I love posts like these, little things for people to know about these aweseome little girls (and boys) we are raising. Great post! My favorite part is the rhyming, that literally made me laugh out loud. ;-D

Dad said...

I love you, Lu. You are special.

schmidt said...

Thanks for sharing, I love to read all the wonderful things our little ones are doing. We have a lot of creative moms out there.