Saturday, July 26, 2008

Family Hike

We went for a scenic drive today, trying to find this:
On our way there, we passed by Crown Point, and while driving next to it Jenna said, "Oh my goodness!  It's a castle!  WOW!  (sigh) God is so amazing!"
Here's the happy family.  We almost got the waterfall in the picture.  You can see a tiny bit of it, above my head on the far corner.
It was a fun morning :)


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Faith said...

you guys are adorable! what a great family picture. i'm glad you guys got a fun morning as a fam!!

Jenne said...

you do look like such a happy family!!

Ben & Tera said...

What a fun morning. And such cute girls. Thanks again for visting with me. It was fun:)

Jenne said...

That was HILARIOUS what you said. You passed by a tower and you said, "look! a castle. (sigh) God is so amazing."

I laughed when Mommy read that to me.


Megan said...

You have SUCH a cute family!!

HollyGoLightly said...

I love the pic of Jenna dancing in front of the waterfall - she's such a doll!

Bruce said...

OH how cute those photos are. please email them to mimi. mimi has to have one printed. All four of you look so happy and so adorable and Elsie has on Jenna's sleeping beauty shirt that she wore her first trip to Disneyland with mimi and poppy. You all are so loved and so missed.
mimi in OK