Friday, June 06, 2008


Spill #1:  Puffs all over the floor - Jenna was helping feed Elsie a snack and dropped the whole container full.

Spill #2:  Water all down the hall - Jenna filled the play teapot FULL with water and it slooshed out spilling everywhere during her journey to show me what she had done.  

Spill #3:  Water all over the kitchen floor - When I told Jenna she was spilling from her teapot she leaned over to see the spill thus spilling the rest all over the kitchen floor.

Spill #4:  My water - I sat down to play memory on the family room floor with Jenna and knocked over my glass of water.  

4 small spills in 30 minutes.  impressive.


Faith said...

Wow. That's a busy day.