Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Raising Godly Tomatoes

Because of my sister's recommendation, I am reading the book, "Raising Godly Tomatoes".  I have to say that I have REALLY been enjoying what the author has to say.  I strongly disagree with a couple of her main points, but the good far outweighs the bad in this book.  I like parenting books, and always find lots of things to disagree with :) But I love gaining wisdom and ideas from others who have similar goals in parenting as I do.  

I really enjoyed what she had to say about WHY we teach our kids obedience.  If I keep in mind the reason I am teaching obedience, it is easier to do so with patience and consistency.  I also love her ideas about constantly training your kids.  So many people overdo the idea that "kids should be allowed to be kids".  Of course they should!  But we also need to train them in responsibility and help them grow up into maturity.  Letting kids be (unruly, wild) kids all day and forever will result in very selfish, self-absorbed, lazy adults.

I have a link to the Raising Godly Tomatoes website over there --->
You can check it out and read some (all?) of her book right on the site.  But I do suggest reading it from cover to cover.  When I first clicked through her website I found myself being a bit judgmental of her parenting style.  But reading  the book I am understanding more why she chooses to parent as she does, and I have lowered my guard and can really appreciate what she has to say.