Sunday, June 08, 2008

A love-hate relationship

Okay, I am not exactly sure what to write, but I want to bring up a few things about the book Raising Godly Tomatoes.  Through reading it, I have been convicted in some major ways, have learned some incredible tips about loving my kids, have gained wisdom about training young children, and have disagreed strongly about a couple major points in the book.  So, I guess I just want to take a quick moment to share why I hate reading parenting books, and then why I love reading them...

The way I feel like I am failing as a parent when I read them.
Being confused about what is 'black and white', and what is a 'gray area' in being a parent.
The way I start to obsess about parenting, almost like it is an idol in my life.  

The way it makes me think hard about how I am living my life
The tips and ideas I gain
The way it drives me to the Word of God to test that which I am reading
The good conversations it produces between me and friends, my sister, and my husband

Does anybody else share this love-hate relationship?


Jenne said...

It's a good thing you have that love-hate relationship! It keeps you on your toes!!

And for the record (and i know you already know this), I agree with your misgivings about the book. Just another proof that there is no formula for raising kids. Can you say "discernment"??? (Oh, I hate that!!)

Ryan and Michelle Moffat said...

Megan I just love your heart. I love your desire for the Word and seeking truth in the Bible for the way that you parent. I share in your love / hate for parenting books. But it is a great way for God to search our hearts and for him to keep purifying us. I's so glad that I am a work in progress and that I am his workmanship and he will never give up on me. That is a comforting thought also for our kids - he's making them into one of his masterpieces and we get to watch and be a part of the process.

Bronwyn said...

Yup! Ditto to those comments too! One thing that I always try to remember when reading all the parenting advice out there is that the world tends to view children as belonging to man, however, as Christians we need to remember that they belong to God. God give us to them for a short time and in that time we strive to guide, give grace, and love them as much as possible. Still, as hard as it is, we have to remember to give them to God- He knows them better than we do!

Brandy said...

I am right there with you! I love to take what I can from all books. I used to think that you could get your baby to sleep through the night by reading one book....then I had baby #2! Ha!

Tonya said...

I think you are right on! It is so wonderful to have references at our fingertips to take from what we need and give us spiritual guidance in raising our kids. I always try to remember that this is just one tactic that worked for one person, and if you can get something out of it to help you raise your children and parent to their personalities specifically. You have such a great heart, and its easy to see that you have the best of intentions where your parenting is concerned.