Thursday, June 05, 2008

I don't think I ever posted this pic.  Eric and I never take pictures of us, it's always the kids.  This was on our way to Mel's reception which was a blast.  Eric got to see a little glimpse of how silly we all were at high school dances.  

Since Eric is working so much and we don't have much time together we tend to make ALL the time we do have special and purposeful. We pray together more, we play games, we are watching season one of survivor together (hey, it's important to us), and we do special things in the evening with the kids like take trips to Starbucks for Jenna's favorite drink (hot chocolate) or go for a walk, or play a game as a family, etc. Sometimes it is good to be as busy as we are because we cherish simple moments together.  I hope we continue to do so even when life isn't as busy as it is now. 


Jenne said...

I am impressed that you are so intentional in those hours you have together. When Ryan was pulling 60-65 hours a week we did very little together but veg. We were both exhausted from our various roles.

Faith said...

I am impressed as well and inspired. Bryan is currently working 64 hours and I'm with your sister, all we want to do is veg. We did play UNO which was fun. We need to try harder! By the way..great picture!