Monday, June 16, 2008

Black Butte 2008

We had a fantastic time at Black Butte. Here are some of the highlights!
(Warning, there are A LOT of pictures!)

Both the girls were wide eyed and excited when we arrived

Jackson and Jenna at the horse stables.  
Pool time was always a hit.  Here's Jackson jumping off the side of the pool trying to dunk
Weston climbing on the rocks.
Making cookies with Great Grandma Jeanette (my grandma)
Eating popsicles they made with Grandma Love (my mom)
Silly faces for the camera
Weston, shortly after his bath
At the playground
Being silly in the car with Uncle Okie/Dad
Grandpa reading to Weston
Crossing through the parking lot together, ready to ride the horses
We did a lot of puzzles and played some fun games when the kids were sleeping
And we did a lot of reading and relaxing
Thanks mom and dad for making it all possible!  


Brandy said...

Looks like fun! I love all of the pictures.

Jenne said...

What a GREAT vacation it was. Thanks for posting the pics.

Faith said...

Welcome home Wood family. Welcome home. Sorry about that Ty impression. Glad you guys had fun! Great pics. I love Black Butte. That made me VERY excited to go to Sunriver in 3 weeks! Yay. hope to see you soon

keely steger said...

Looks very fun. Hey, do we get to see you guys on July 5th? I hope so!

Tonya said...

Looks like you had such a fun family trip! I cant wait till our kids are old enough to take. I am so glad that your kids and your sisters kids get along and are close in age.