Sunday, June 22, 2008

At the zoo

We had a really fun trip to the zoo with Heidi, Julia, and Cole. Well, it was fun until the last 20 minutes at the zoo. You see, the kids hit a wall. Actually, MY kids hit a wall. Okay, it was ELSIE. She cried starting by the zebras, and didn't let up until we got her home, where she smiled and giggled when Heidi lifted her out of the car seat. Little stinker. The car ride home was humorous. The babies were crying, the girls thought that was too loud so they were talking loudly about the loudness of the babies, and they were trying to calm the crying kids by saying "CALM DOWN" and moving their hands up and down in a way to show "calming down" to the babies. It was funny. And yet Heidi and I continued to chit-chat the whole drive.  What else can ya do :)

Jenna & Julia

Cole (trying to see the zebras) & Elsie (just kickin' it)


Heidi said...

Megan, you made me laugh so hard! You wrote that perfectly, and yes I love that we just kept talking!

Tonya said...

That cracks me up! I can tell you Brandy and I have had many a car ride like that with our kids all together! Glad you had fun anyways, its really all you can do!