Monday, May 26, 2008

Photo shoot

I tried to take some pictures of Elsie today to go in my red kitchen.  
I have one of Jenna up, I will post it last.  Here are my favorites of Elsie.  
Which should I frame?

Here's Jenna, she was three months old in this picture.


Jenne said...

SO SO SO hard to choose! I think I vote for pic #1, with a small crop-out of the white part of the flower bucket out so it looks more like the Jenna pic.

Bronwyn said...

I vote for #2- they are all adorable, but I love how she's looking away from the camera and her hands are folded on the blanket. Plus, her piggies look SO cute. All of the choices would be great though- what a cutie!

keely steger said...

Picture 2!
so cute!

Tonya said...

#1,she is sooo cute!

Courtney & Aria Louise said...

#2! her face is so cute in that one!