Saturday, May 10, 2008

Funny kids

Elsie is starting to sit up pretty well.  She still topples over after a while so I can't leave her without being surrounded by pillows or the boppy, but I'm proud of her increased trunk strength.  She is a bit top-heavy at this point in her life!  She is such a happy fun little girl.  You know how when you feed a baby some solids you almost can't help but to mimic them and open your mouth as they open theirs?  Well, I try not to do it but every time I do, Elsie laughs at me!

Jenna got into the car with her purse the other day (she often packs her purse for the ride).  About 2 minutes into the drive she said, "Mom, I brought some music for the drive."  Oh how cute, I wonder what it is, I thought.  Well, out came a harmonica, and thus ended our peaceful outing :)  I was blessed by harmonica the rest of the journey.  The harmonica mysteriously escaped the car yesterday...

By the way, I have been teaching Jenna about strangers this last week, and just thought I would encourage other parents to do the same.  The Berenstain Bears book called Learn about Strangers has been the perfect tool for us.  

Lastly, a comparison picture.

This first one is Jenna and Jackson.  
Jenna was 7 months old and Jackson 20 months, they are almost exactly a year apart.
This is Elsie and Weston.  

Elsie is 6 months old here and Weston is 18 months.  The are just under a year apart.

For those who don't know, the boys are my sister's kids. She and I seem to take turns being pregnant!


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