Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fly away!

I'm starting to think that instead of crawling, Elsie just may fly away! Imagine her arms flapping in this picture and you will be picturing what she does on her tummy. Then once on her back she spends most of her time in "crunchy" position. The girl is working on her core.

(Also, doesn't it look like she is wearing a baby toupee in this picture!)


-The Riegelmann Family- said...

She is so cute. I am so happy your camera still works. My camera is one of the earthly treasures that I may value a little to much and I would be heartbroken if mine fell in a pool. Anyways I also wanted to say how much I love the sight you listed,, I just went to it today and was pretty much addicted. I will definetly use this in the days to come so thank you for the link!

Eric & Leah said...

Maggie totally did that! AND she also had the baby toupee thing going too (although it didn't show up until she was almost a year). I'm glad for her sake that the toupee phase is over!

ang said...

I'm humming right now. "I believe I can fly..." Elsie's theme song. Reach for the clouds, girlie!