Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rolling and bugs

No more secret, only do it when nobody is looking, rollovers.  We have officially seen Elsie roll on several occasions.  It is cute and I like it.

In other news, Jenna got bit/pinched/stung by a bug yesterday while we were washing the cars and is now PETRIFIED of any creepy-crawly thing.  We were outside a good portion of the day and she constantly wanted to hold someone's hand in order to get through bark dust (where a bug might be hiding) and was terrified at one point of a leaf that was brushing up against the back of her neck.  Scared stiff in fact.  She just couldn't move away to see it was a bush!  Anyways, we are working through that.  I think we made a bit of a breakthrough this evening at bedtime.  We were talking about bugs and I was telling her that bugs are scared of us and that we can just leave them alone.  Well to this she said, "Ya, they just don't know my name is Jenna!"  First she is petrified of them, and now she wants to introduce herself and make friends.  Hopefully we will find a happy medium.


Faith said...

That is hilarious. Not that Jenna was scared but I can picture her in the yard saying in her sweet high pitched voice "hi my name is Jenna" to all the little creatures. Peyton is scared silly of bugs too. Yesterday at the park there was a bug smaller than a sugar ant flying around and she panicked in the tunnel, couldn't go through until it flew off. She also often times at night says she is scared because there are germs on her walls, that is a fun one to try and explain! Oh girls..

Irene said...

Julia calls all bugs "ants." In fact a few mornings ago she came running to me in tears and told me there was an "ant" in my closet! I went to my closet dreading the worst but found nothing only to turn around to see my daughter freaking out because the "ant," which happened to be a black beetle was creeping right by her and under my dresser! Guess it was scarier than an ant:) We are working through it too...spiders are the worst, totally terrifying to me, I have no idea how to spare her from fearing them!