Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

March 14, 2008 marks FIVE years of marriage for Eric and I!  

Year one:  GREAT.  So fun, driving millions of miles every day to work, sleeping in the car, meeting amazing lifelong friends, going to Disneyland on a regular basis, having so much fun.

Year two:  Good, but scary.  Losing jobs, getting pregnant, unknown future.  But still loving life together!

Year three:  New.  Moving to Oregon, having a baby, moving a few times, new jobs, new friends, lots of adjustments.  Enjoying the changes together, still having tons of fun.

Year four:  Exciting.  Buying a house, getting pregnant again, closer friendships.

Year five:  Good transition.  Having baby #2, new job, lots of jobs, helping plant a church, enjoying life together.  

It's been a great five years.  Here's to MANY MANY more to come!

I love you E!


Jenne said...

Ryan and I had no idea you guys had been married for five years! Wow, time flies!!

e said...

And I love you. Thanks for such a great fun weekend!