Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Jenna has been having a reoccurring dream.  She dreams that there are ants on her pillow.  The first time it happened she ran full speed out of her room yelling, "ants!  there are ants!"  I was confused (it was 2am) and nervous that upon turing on her light I would find ants in her bed.  Thankfully there was nothing.  I told her it was just a dream, cuddled her and kissed her goodnight.  About 25 minutes later she came running into our room again telling me that the ants were back.  I started to think that I would be getting a lot more sleep if there actually WERE ants.  At least that way I could get rid of them and ease her mind.  But I couldn't do much of anything to help.   I started to think about what tools I could give her so that she could handle this on her own.  I told her to go back to bed, close her eyes, and throw some pretend food really far away.  I told her that the ants would leave and go eat the food.  It worked.  Thank you Lord.  I really did thank God for this silly middle-of-the-night solution to what some may see as a small dilemma.  Small ones like this help prepare me for the bigger dilemmas to come. 


Brandy said...

I think I would be unable to sleep if I was having nightmares about ants too! Scary and creepy! I hope she doesn't have anymore nightmares like that. Poor thing.