Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Three events and three quotes

1.  I cheese graded the back of my finger yesterday.  Seriously, don't try it.

2.  Quote from Jenna when dealing with her toy cash register, 
"That cost-es liiiike... 3 inches."
3.  I didn't get a shower in until after the kids when down for a nap yesterday.  Only to be baptized by Elsie spit-up down my shirt 20 minutes post shower.  Thanks.
4.  Quote from Jenna when asked if she wants a banana for snack,
"No, I had a banana last year."
5.  Jenna hears, "Why don't you play by yourself for a little while" all the time, though she rarely does it.  Yesterday we started calling it FREE TIME!!! (we use that much emphasis when we say it) and we actually had some success in that department!  
6.  Third quote from Jenna,
"Jackson is my husband, and I am his wife"

Kids are great.  


Brandy said...

Ummm, seriously so funny! Love the "3 inches."

Kids are great:)

Irene said...

I totally cheese-grated my thumb around Thanksgiving...it still isn't normal. So sorry! Your kids are adorable!

Faith said...

okay. ouch. and i totally agree with jenna, one banana a year is one too many:)