Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally on the mend

After about two weeks of Elsie being under the weather with RSV (so says the doctor) she is finally getting better.  Two weeks of crying every time I laid her down.  Two weeks of coughing so hard that it lead to throwing up.  Two weeks of rocking her to sleep.  Two weeks of her waking up prematurely from every nap.  

She is just about back to her old self.  It's nice to see her sweet smile and hear her giggle.  And its nice that she will go to sleep on her own without a tear.  Of course I say all this knowing that once you blog about something, the opposite happens.  :)  

Here are some pictures from this morning.  We missed a fun play date today because Elsie was finally taking a great nap.  So instead we played outside in the sun and enjoyed a relaxing morning together.  First picture is of a project Jenna and I did.

After we planted her flowers, she checked 6 times to see if they had grown yet. 
It's going to be a long 7 days waiting for a little sprout!

All the pictures of Jenna on the 'rocket ship' always turn out funny because she is constantly singing while swinging.  This was the only one where her mouth wasn't open.

And here's Elsie swinging.  She will be in here a lot this summer, 
and she is loving it more and more.  

This afternoon we are off to the park for more outdoor fun!  
Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


Faith said...

Fun! We missed you this morning! Glad Elsie is better and you are enjoying the sun!!

Brandy said...

Missed you this morning! Glad to hear Elsie got a good nap in though. I hope to see you at the next playdate:)

Tonya said...

I had no idea she was so sick! I am so sorry! Glad she is on the mend though, this has been a rough winter for a lot of little babies! Hopefully you can come to the next playdate, I bet Elsie will have fun interacting with all of the boys!