Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was rather determined today to take a picture of Elsie in the same dress Jenna wore in this photo.   Jenna was 4 months old here, and it was July.  

Elsie is just about 4 months, but it is February...burr!  Anyways, I had a lot more time to take pictures back when I only had one kid. But since I was determined, I set all other priorities aside (ie house work, eating lunch, etc) and went for it. Here is what came about...

Pretty cute, and totally our Elsie-roo.  Thumb in mouth, and cubby little arms.      

In these next two pictures, you can really tell some of the similarities and differences of the girls.  First picture is Jenna, second is Elsie. 

With the sun shining in through the window, it almost looks like summer time!
My goodness I love these girls so much!


Jenne said...

what fun, megan. both the girls are so beautiful! and so different! I'm impressed you got this accomplished.

Faith said...

wow megan...that is so cute. i want to take comparison photos of luke wearing peyton's things but bryan won't let me. plus, he would wear the clothes she wore on her first birthday! your girls are precious!

Tonya Daniels said...

You are right! Elsies cheeks are just a little chubbier, got to love the chubby cheeks! It should be a requirement for all babies to have! They are so adorable, and they do really look like sisters, you can see the resemblance. Good to see you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls! I love comparison pictures like this. It is so fun to see how much they do/don't look alike. Love ya!