Monday, February 18, 2008

Creative fun

Jenna was sick last week, and now it's Elsie's turn.  We have been stuck at home A LOT lately which is fine but a little exhausting.  Here's what we did today...

We made 'binoculars' out of two toilet paper things glued together, some paint, and lots of glitter (everything looks pretty with glitter, even cardboard.)
Then Jenna painted a 'monster'.  She did the painting and then added googley-eyes.  You can buy a pack of them for under a buck at Walmart.

And I promise she is sick.  
She has cried more in the last two days than in her entire life.  
But she also can manage a smile every once in a while.  


Faith said...

Cute! Jenna loves to paint doesn't she? It seems like a couple times I have stopped by she is painting. That is great! Is that the adorable little outfit Elsie got at the shower? I love it! Hope Elsie gets better soon..Luke is sick, maybe they kissed when we weren't looking:)

Megan said...

We do paint a lot. Jenna loves it. And next time we are together we will have to keep a closer eye on Luke and Elsie!