Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When we ran out of mushrooms...

Jenna learned how to cut mushrooms with a butter knife!  
Very impressive and actually very helpful!  

But when I ran out of things for her to help me with, 
this is the mess she made.  She emptied all her baby doll clothes 
by tossing everything over her head.  Here she is saying "ta-da!"


eric wood said...

Dad: Jenna, why did you make that big mess?
Jenna: I was looking for that thing.
Dad: What thing?
Jenna: That THING!
Dad: Did you find it?
Jenna: No.
Those things can be really hard to find.

Megan said...

So 'that thing' (it ends up it was a baby doll slipper) wasn't in the basket of baby clothes. We cleaned it all up and the next day she did the EXACT same thing looking for the EXACT same slipper. Guess what...it still wasn't in there.

Heidi said...

That pictures makes me smile. Now she will have to learn to pick it all up by herself, and then you will also smile!

Tonya Daniels said...

I can only await the day when I have 2 running around making my living room look like that! Good thing she is adorable, I mean, how can you get mad at that face?